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  1. Greed
  2. My Own Country
  3. Can’t Believe It
  4. Victim Of Reality
  5. Might Be A Dream
  6. Still Can Be Great
  7. Straight Ahead
  8. My Own Way
  9. One Voice
  10. Alien
  11. Watch Me As I Fall
  12. Just For You
  13. Can’t Take Anymore
  14. American Dream
  15. Need More
  16. Never Know
  17. Badge Of Pride

Pennywise have remained doggedly faithful to the ideas and inspiration that launched them. On their sixth record, Straight Ahead, the band’s stated goal was to create an album that would satisfy their long-time fans as well as take chances with different material, using social and political issues for inspiration. “My Own Country” explores the individual desire for autonomy, “Might Be A Dream” and “Still Can Be Great” seek to inspire courage and determination, while pointing out the flaws within our culture. The result of almost 5 months of constant work, Straight Ahead is the strongest and most diverse album to-date, with songs like “Alien“.

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