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Track Listing:

  1. Album Overview
  2. Heartache
  3. Hellbound
  4. Sacrifice
  5. Vengeance
  6. Weight Of The World
  7. No Heroes
  8. Plagues
  9. Grim Heart/Black Rose
  10. Orphaned
  11. Lonewolves
  12. Versus
  13. Trophy Scars
  14. Bare My Teeth
  15. To The Lions

Converge full-length number 6 is downright terrifying. Terrifying that a band continues to push and innovate after over a decade- when the closest bands can get is still leagues away from innovating the way Converge has effortlessly pushed the envelope album after album.

“Musically, as if panning for gold, the band removed everything extraneous and came up with something richer. But because the writing’s strong, it speeds by. You see what I’m getting at? I’m a big fan of You Fail Me and the past work, but I’d venture to say this is the band’s most fully realized, which (again) is amazing this far into their catalog.” – Pitchfork

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