Blood Of The Saints | Black/Gold Melt Vinyl


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12" (£16.90)

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  • This color is a Kings Road Merch Europe exclusive and limited to 100 pcs.
  • The displayed image may vary slightly from the actual vinyl.

Track Listing:

Side A

  1. Opening: Agnus Dei
  2. Sanctified with Dynamite
  3. We Drink Your Blood
  4. Murder at Midnight
  5. All We Need Is Blood
  6. Dead Boys Don’t Cry

Side B

  1. Son of a Wolf
  2. Night of the Werewolves
  3. Phantom of the Funeral
  4. Die, Die, Crucified
  5. Ira Sancti (When the Saints Are Going Wild)
  6. In Blood We Trust (Orchestral Version)

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