Spirituality and Distortion | 2xSplit Vinyl

£23.90 Releases on Mar 27th, 2020 

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2x12" (£23.90)

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  • Spirituality and Distortion | 2xBlack/White Split Vinyl
  • Die-Cut cover, printed inner sleeves
  • This color is a Kings Road Merch Europe exclusive and limited to 100 pcs.
  • The displayed image may vary slightly from the actual vinyl.

Track Listing:

Side A

  1. Downgrade Desert
  2. Nervous Waltz
  3. Very Noise
  4. Hollow Tree
  5. Camel Dancefloor

Side B

  1. Parpaing
  2. Musette Maximum
  3. Himalaya Massive Ritual

Side C

  1. Lost in Introspection
  2. Overweight Poesy
  3. Paranoid Buldozzer Italiano

Side D

  1. Barocco Satani
  2. Polyphonic Rust
  3. Kung Fu Chèvre

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