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Hollywood Undead - Swan Songs | CD
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Track listing

  1. Undead (Album Version (Explicit))
  2. Sell Your Soul (Album Version (Explicit))
  3. Everywhere I Go (Album Version (Explicit))
  4. No Other Place (Album Version (Explicit))
  5. No. 5 (Album Version (Explicit))
  6. Young (Album Version)
  7. Black Dahlia (Album Version (Explicit))
  8. This Love, This Hate (Album Version)
  9. Bottle And A Gun (Album Version (Explicit))
  10. California (Album Version (Explicit))
  11. City (Album Version (Explicit))
  12. The Diary (Album Version (Explicit))
  13. Pimpin’ (Album Version (Explicit))
  14. Paradise Lost (Album Version (Explicit))

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