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Track Listing:

  1. Point of Creation – 5:20
  2. Time Immemorial – 4:29
  3. The Leading Bird – 4:38
  4. Fortune Teller – 6:10
  5. Without a Map – 5:28
  6. Remember Who You Are – 3:27
  7. Mary – 3:58
  8. Phoenix – 4:30
  9. Seasons Change – 3:42
  10. Gabriel – 4:47
  11. This Right Here – 5:26

Muna is the second solo record by Marketa Irglova. Thematically, unlike the

previous album Anar, which in its nature focused on the dynamic of intimate,

personal relationships, Muna is an internal dialogue of a spiritual nature. It is a

collection of 11 songs written over the course of a year and recorded in several

session over the course of six months. 27 musicians and vocalists participated

in the performance of these songs, among which are Rob Bochnik from The

Swell Season/The Frames, an iranian daf player and vocalist Aida Shahghasemi,

Shazhad Ismaily, Una Sveinbjarnardóttir and Zuzana Irglova.

Muna means to remember in Icelandic and was chosen as a title for this album

since remembering that which had been forgotten is a running thread and a

re-occurring theme throughout this record. Muna was recorded, mixed, mastered

and produced in Iceland by Sturla Mio Thorisson and is being released

on Anti records.

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