A Thing Called Divine Fits | CD


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anti-records - A Thing Called Divine Fits | CD
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Track Listing:

  1. My Love Is Real
  2. Flaggin a Ride
  3. What Gets You Alone
  4. Would That Not Be Nice
  5. The Salton Sea
  6. Baby Get Worse
  7. Civilian Stripes
  8. For Your Heart
  9. Shivers
  10. Like Ice Cream
  11. Neopolitans

*Divine Fits, the band consisting of Britt Daniel, Dan Boeckner and Sam Brown have revealed details of their upcoming debut album.

*The album, produced by Nick Launay (Nick Cave, Grinderman, Yeah Yeah Yeahs) is titled A Thing Called Divine Fits and will be released on August 27th by Anti Records in United Kingdom and mainland Europe.

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