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anti-records - Mo Beauty | CD
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  1. Modern Girl (. . . with scissors)
  2. Bones in the Grave
  3. Holy, Holy, Holy Moses (song for New Orleans)
  4. That is not my Home (after Bruegel)
  5. Idiots in the Rain
  6. South Philadelphia (Drug Days)
  7. What Fun.
  8. Me and You, Watson
  9. Obscene Queen Bee #2
  10. When You’ve No Eyes

The Locust has been throwing up in the face of conventional music since 1995, when the band formed from the pieces of San Diego hardcore stalwarts, Swing Kids and Struggle. Since then, it has hosted a veritable “Who’s Who” of punk royalty. Everyone from Tristeza/Album Leaf/GoGoGo Airheart/Crimson Curse’s Jimmy LaValle, to Tarantula Hawk’s Dave Warshaw and Dylan Scharf, and Cattle Decapitation’s David Astor have gone in and out of the band’s turnstile. The songs are fast—usually under a minute—atrociously ultra-violent and drenched in sci-fi-noise, gruesome keyboards and herky jerky, bestial scream/sing vocals—described by one journalist as “a car-wreck with vocals.” The January 2003 issue of Alternative Press makes reference to a “Devo-meets-Napalm Death” analogy.

Welcome to the beginning of the end. Here’s your soundtrack.

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