Broken Compass | Vinyl


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epitaph-records - Broken Compass | Vinyl
12" (£14.90)

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This pressing on black vinyl. The classiest way to listen to your records.

Track List:

  1. Paper Planes
  2. Rock And Roll Is Dead And So Am I
  3. Inner Body Revolt
  4. The Wolf
  5. Hold Up My Head
  6. Whole Again
  7. Disgusted : Disguised
  8. Replace Me
  9. Repeat Routine
  10. Through The Looking Glass
  11. Broken Compass

This purchase includes 2 separate downloads that will be sent to your email address. The first download is for the song Through The Looking Glass. That download will be sent to you shortly after purchase. The 2nd download is for the full album. That download will be sent to you on the release date (9/16/2014).

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