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epitaph-records - Dead American Radio | CD
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  1. The Sinner
  2. City To City (Feat. Tim Armstrong of RANCID)
  3. Every Night
  4. Done Wrong
  5. La Pregunta (Feat. Patricia Day of HORRORPOPS)
  6. Waiting For You
  7. Drunk Again
  8. New York City
  9. 4 Weeks
  10. She?s The Only One
  11. Wash Away
  12. Bastard Son
  13. Justino
  14. Dead American Radio
  15. No One Likes Us
  16. I Hate Emo

“Dead American Radio” is a 16 song sonic blast of lonely road filled stories, drunken adventures and lost love anthems. Drawing influence from personal loves and loss, lead singer & producer Elvis Cortez touches on a darker side on this record, adding a more diverse style and sound.

Recorded in a true low budget punk rock studio in Riverside California they managed to capture the rawness of a 3 chord song but with a sound and quality better than any record they’ve made to date. The bands sound is at an all time high, by adding different elements to their sound from a Hammond organ, to a stand up bass to even a pedal steel guitar. From punk to ska to even some country/punk this record has it all.

Tim Armstrong (Rancid) co-wrote the ska tinged song “City to City” with Elvis, and Tim also sings on the track bringing a rawness to the touring song about falling in love every night with the girls and with the booze.

Patricia Day, (HorrorPops) takes on double duties on her guest appearance by slapping her stand up bass on the track “Done Wrong” and also by co-writing the Song “La Pregunta“, singing it as a duet with Elvis in Spanish.

There are many highlight tracks on this record such as “Every Night“, which is the record’s most noticeable pop filled anthem as well as the broken hearted country/punk love song “Waiting For You“. The title track “Dead American Radio” speaks of the discontent with today’s radio play list and way of business, while “4 Weeks” screams of endless tours and long nights.

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