Nightlife | CD


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epitaph-records - Nightlife | CD
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Track Listing:

  1. ST4P
  2. DJ
  3. DTK
  4. Hawaiian Killer
  5. Dom Perignon
  6. Dinner With Snooki
  7. Shots
  8. Date Rape Predator
  9. Destination Nowhere
  10. This City (We‘re Taking Over)
  11. Hangover
  12. Mash It Up
  13. Champagne Showers

Montreal’s badass party kings are taking over and this is just the start. Take vicious breakdowns, dubstep, screamo and mash it all up into the freshest, newest, and best new band you’ll hear this year. If you caught them on tour with Falling In Reverse, then you got a taste, so catch them before they take over Warped Tour and steal your girlfriends.

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