We Are Always Searching | Ep


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epitaph-records - We Are Always Searching | Ep
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  1. The Dead Girl Epilogue: Part One
  2. Pretty People Never Lie-Vampires Really Never Die
  3. We Are Always Searching
  4. Eulogies and Epitaphs
  5. The Most Beautiful Nightmare: Part Two
  6. Kiss Me Like You Wanted-I Will Never Tell
  7. Lady Madeline In Her Coffin
  8. Civil War And Isolation Thirst
  9. The Last Goodbye of Smile And Bone

• Their debut mini-album for Epitaph released in 2005.

• Full of powerful, melodic and theatrical songs that move through indie rock, metal and hardcore. Their female violin player/background singer gives their sound a distinctive, haunting beauty that won’t disappoint.

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