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epitaph-records - Punkrockdays | CD
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  1. Independence Day
  2. Flower Tattoo
  3. Punk As Fuck
  4. Burning Heart
  5. All American
  6. Right Or Wrong
  7. No Equalizer
  8. Ivory Girl
  9. Gruesome Gary
  10. Superman
  11. Last Brigade
  12. Best Friends
  13. Hit Or Miss
  14. Bright Green Globe
  15. Goodnight Song
  16. 1944
  17. 500 Miles
  18. Radio Ragga
  19. In A Big Country
  20. Radio Ragga (Dub)
  21. Hit Or Miss (Dub)

A collection of 21 tracks that were picked by their fans through their webite, the album features songs from the entire DBL catalog on Epitaph. Songs like “Independence Day,” “Hit or Miss” and “Radio Ragga” remind all of us of just how good this band is and was.

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