The Nobel Art Of Irony | CD


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epitaph-records - The Nobel Art Of Irony | CD
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  1. A kid called Down
  2. Cut/ Paste
  3. Who ’s your Villain?
  4. Split this cake
  5. Pretty teeth
  6. 110%
  7. Luck comes easy
  8. Nothing more, just a lie
  9. Red lights
  10. If you ‘re Sark, then I ’m Vaughn
  11. On a line
  12. Get up again – Over and out

At a time when Gothic makeup, lengthy band names, ridiculously protracted song titles, faux hawks and Queen cover tunes have defined modern rock’s hoi polloi, Kid Down arrives like a fresh gust of air. Courtesy of an exciting new alliance with the world-renowned, Örebro-based Burning Heart Records, Kid Down…And The Noble Art of Irony is – quite simply – a kick ass song-cycle that draws on everything from Pinkerton to punk as it marks a new start for this quartet from Åmål.

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