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New Maps Of Hell | CD


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bad-religion - New Maps Of Hell | CD
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  1. 52 Seconds
  2. Heroes and Martyrs
  3. Germs of Perfection
  4. New Dark Ages
  5. Requiem for Dissent
  6. Before You Die
  7. Honest Goodbye
  8. Dearly Beloved
  9. Grains of Wrath
  10. Murder
  11. Scrutiny
  12. Prodigal Son
  13. The Grand Delusion
  14. Lost Pilgrim
  15. Submission Complete
  16. Fields of Mars

• Features the songs “New Dark Ages” and “Honest Goodbye”

• Follow-up to 2004’s heralded “The Empire Strikes First”

• The band’s 14th full-length release!

• Produced by Grammy-nominated producer, Joe Baressi (Tool, Weezer, Queens of the Stone Age)

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