Petra Goes To The Movies | CD


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anti-records - Petra Goes To The Movies | CD
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Track Listing:

  1. Rebel Without A Cause Main Title (from Rebel Without A Cause)
  2. God’s Lonely Man (from Taxi Driver)
  3. Cool Hand Luke Main Title (from Cool Hand Luke)
  4. Cinema Paradiso (from Cinema Paradiso)
  5. A Fistful Of Dollars Theme (from A Fistful Of Dollars)
  6. Psycho Main Title (from Psycho)
  7. Goldfinger Main Title (from Goldfinger)
  8. Carlotta’s Galop (from 8 1/2)
  9. It Might Be You (from Tootsie)
  10. The Planet Krypton (from Superman)
  11. Superman Theme (from Superman)
  12. My Bodyguard (from My Bodyguard)
  13. Pascal’s Waltz (from Big Night)
  14. Calling You (from Bagdad Cafe)
  15. Hand Covers Bruise (from The Social Network)
  16. This Is Not America (from The Falcon and the Snowman)

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